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The Whitewater® system is the most efficient, user friendly, yet affordable, package sewage treatment plant available.


The Whitewater® sewage treatment system was approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Health, and its low maintenance approach makes it a practical solution to accommodate all sizes of application. The Whitewater® system is also ANSI/NSF 40 certified.


Whitewater®, being a modular system, also afford the builder/owner a choice of adding units as the project progresses, so that a system can be installed in stages. This system is ideal where soil conditions are less than ideal or septic field size is restricted.


The Whitewater® system can be applied to various influent strengths, be it domestic or industrial, by itself, in combination with additional tanks, ultra-violet disinfection, or other means of achieving the desired effluent quality.

This system makes use of aeration technology to maintain aerobic conditions in the digestion chamber of the treatment plant, thus ensuring optimum conditions for the micro-organisms (aerobes) to multiply and digest the nutrients.

Whitewater® produces a high quality effluent having low BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and low TSS (total suspended solids) content, while being high in DO (dissolved oxygen), which ensured a “sweet” condition in the leaching field and keeps the field healthy and longer lasting.

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Independent testing confirms that for treating domestic wastewater, the Whitewater® system performs all the time, every time, providing advanced treatment and reducing contaminates, thereby protecting the public health and our environment.


The Whitewater® internal configuration is designed so that the liquid moves through the system by gravity, and there are no internal moving or serviceable parts. The only moving or serviceable part is the supplied air pump which is situated in the home, basement, crawl space, garage, or outside in a small weatherproof enclosure.

During maintenance, there is no need to touch or handle any component that has made contact with sewage.

Treatment Capacity per Day

Combo Units

The Whitewater Combo model is a single unit system consisting of:

  • Trash tank

  • Whitewater STP

  • Pump chamber

These are bonded together so that when the unit is placed into the excavation, there are only two hook-ups:

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