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Automated Membrane Systems with Remote Monitoring

Membrane technology is a progressive method of separating suspended and dissolved solids from the liquid wastewater.

Especially in cases where the wastewater is required to conform to Class A standard effluents, this technology is now being successfully employed.

With the latest technical advancements plus corresponding reduction in cost, membrane systems are now capable of decontaminating wastewater in single step processes at competitive pricing.

Please contact Canwest Tanks for further information about membrane technology.

System Features

Membrane system
  • Effluent exceeds regulatory guidelines
  • Custom turn-key design and build
  • Compact footprint
  • Fully automated with remote monitoring
  • Water can be reused and recycled

Containerized, above ground MRB system for mobile & remote camps

Left Jar: Raw Sewage | Right Jar: Effluent MBR System Discharge

The left jar contains raw sewage.

The right jar contains effluent taken

from the discharge of the MRB system

Typical Influent

BOD5 250
TSS 300
NH3-N 35
TP 10
Turbidity -
E. Coli Millions

Typical Effluent

BOD5 ≤ 5
TSS ≤ 1
NH3-N ≤ 0.5
TP ≤ 0.1
Turbidity ≤ 1

MRB system designed for burial, servicing a sub-division

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