The ECOPOD Sewage Treatment System


Our ECOPOD system is ANSI/NSF40 certified. The ECOPOD treatment system may be combined with other treatment methods to achieve a specific effluent quality.

The design flow for an ECOPOD STP accepting residential wastewater is based on the same criteria set out for similar types of package sewage treatment plants.

In British Columbia, Canada, these criteria are outlined in the standard practice manual issued by the Ministry of Health Services and updated from time to time.

A typical arrangement consists of a trash tank, the reactor tank and, if needed, a pump chamber (fiberglass or concrete) with the media housing installed, which contains the attached media (growth media). This is a specifically engineered plastic unit, designed to provide optimal conditions for the forming of biomass.

The biomass is the basis of the excessive bacteria growth which is capable of digesting (breaking down) biodegradable waste into carbon dioxide and water.

An external air blower is connected to the reactor tank to provide the necessary air (oxygen) to the system. There are no moving mechanical parts or filters in the ECOPOD wastewater treatment system, therefor there are no cleaning or replacement parts inside the reactor tanks.

In addition to BOD and TSS, ammonia nitrogen is one of the unwanted contaminants in wastewater. In the ECOPOD system, a 60%+ removal rate of total nitrogen is common. The result of this process is a clear, odorless effluent discharge which will meet and most often exceed the Health Department standards.

The ECOPOD treatment plant is available for Type 2 and Type 3 applications in 3 categories:

  • The ECOPOD combo
  • The ECOPOD system
  • The ECOPOD kit (can be installed into a concrete tank)

In the combo models, all parts are assembled into one unit, ready to be installed into the excavation. Only 2 hook-ups, inlet/outlet, and you are ready to go.

The ECOPOD system Type 2 also consists of a trash tank, ECOPOD unit, and pump chamber (if needed). However, this model uses 3 separate tanks, and must be installed as a single unit.

ECOPOD Combo Units

Volume Per Day

Model# Imp. Gal. US Gal. Litres
E50T2 Combo 416 500 1891
E50T3 Combo 416 500 1891
E60T2 Combo 500 600 2273
E60T3 Combo 500 600 2273
E75T2 Combo 625 751 2841
E75T3 Combo 625 751 2841

ECOPOD Single Units (Type 2 & 3)

Volume Per Day

Model# Imp. Gal. US Gal. Litres
E50T2 416 500 1891
E50T3 416 500 1891
E60T2 500 600 2273
E60T3 500 600 2273
E75T2 625 751 2841
E75T3 625 751 2841
E100T2 833 1000 3787
E100T3 833 1000 3787
E150T2 1250 1501 5683
E150T3 1250 1501 5683
E300T2 2500 3000 11365
E300T3 C/W UV UNIT 2500 3000 11365
E450T2 3000 4500 13638
E450T3 C/W UV UNIT 3000 4500 13618
E600T2 5000 6000 22730
E600T3 C/W UV UNIT 5000 6000 22730

ECOPOD Compact Units 

Two Chamber & Three Chamber

The Type 3 Systems (T3) below are identical to the T2 models except for the addition of a UV light unit and sludge return feature.

Kits for Concrete Tank Installation

Volume Per Day

2 Chamber Units (2)
TYPE2 (T2) & TYPE3 (T3)
3 Chamber Units (3)
TYPE2 (T2) & TYPE3 (T3)
Imp. Gal. US Gal. Litres
ECOPOD E50-2-T2 COMPACT ECOPOD E50-3-T2 COMPACT 416 500 1891
ECOPOD E50-2-T3 COMPACT ECOPOD E50-3-T3 COMPACT 416 500 1891
ECOPOD E60-2-T2 COMPACT ECOPOD E60-3-T2 COMPACT 500 600 2273
ECOPOD E60-2-T3 COMPACT ECOPOD E60-3-T3 COMPACT 500 600 2273
ECOPOD E75-2-T2 COMPACT ECOPOD E75-3-T2 COMPACT 625 750 2841
ECOPOD E75-2-T3 COMPACT ECOPOD E75-3-T3 COMPACT 625 750 2841
Model# Imp. Gal. US Gal. Litres
E50C T2 Kit 416 500 1891
E50C T2-2 Kit 416 500 1891
E60C T2 Kit 500 600 2273
E60C T2-2 Kit 500 600 2273
E75C T2 Kit 625 751 2841
E75C T2-2 Kit 625 751 2841
E100C T2 Kit 833 1000 3787
E100C T2-2 Kit 833 1000 3787
E150C T2 Kit 1250 1501 5683
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