Residential and Commercial wastewater Treatment systems

Sewage treatment tank

Types of treatment plants made by Canwest Tanks:

  • The Whitewater® sewage treatment plant (STP)

Both systems are characterized as being aerobic treatment systems.

The Whitewater® STP is using suspended growth and coarse bubble aeration with a conical clarifier chamber.

The ECOPOD STP is distinguished from the Whitewater® in that it uses attached growth media.

Both these technologies can be incorporated into a large flow treatment plant where several components are installed into one horizontal FRP tank.

These systems normally consist of:

  • Trash tank
  • Flow equalizer chamber
  • Sludge compartment
  • Reactor unit with sludge return
  • Pump and/or UV chamber

Treatment plants are categorized according to the effluent quality desired, e.g., Type 2 – Type 3, where effluent quality increases.

Our treatment systems can be made to meet or exceed the requirements for:

  • Residential single-family units
  • Small sub-divisions
  • Town house complexes
  • Shopping malls
  • Golf courses
  • Work camps
  • Campgrounds
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