Canwest Tanks manufactures an extensive line of tanks made from polyethylene and fiberglass. They are used for many purposes, some examples are: rainwater harvesting, fire protection, storage of water for household use or irrigation, septic tanks and septic-related tanks, above ground or buried.

Our tanks are made from high density polyethylene (HDPLE) and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) – non-corrosive materials with the strength to do the job, yet are relatively light weight making them less expensive to transport and easier to install.

The sizes run from small tanks for a single household or cabin to larger tanks used to supply a work camp or subdivision with water.

Our septic tanks are sized to serve single family homes, multi-family houses, restaurants, RV parks, remote work camps, sub-divisions and industrial sites.

We can supply any tank you will need to complete your sanitary system, from the source to discharge in the drain field.

We also manufacture pump chambers, siphon chambers (siphon installed) and grease or oil interceptor tanks.

We can supply pumps, installed into the pump chamber with float switches and an alarm panel, and we can also provide tank accessories such as risers, lids and tank adaptors.

In addition to conventional septic systems, we also offer environmentally friendly solutions with our sewage treatment plants which can be sized to any project.

Our tanks can be used for many liquids including chemicals.

We welcome your enquiry for specific projects.

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