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At Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd, we make fiberglass tanks from 500 imp. gals to 34,000 imp. gals. Fiberglass tanks can be for potable or non-potable water, septic tanks, holding tanks and pump stations - vertical or horizontal applications.

Tanks are designed for underground burial with the standard tank capable of 4 ft. of earth cover. By special order the tanks can be buried up to 8 ft. of earth cover or more.


Installation instructions are included with each tank and fiberglass hold-down straps are available for anchoring to ballast in high water table conditions.



The water tanks are made with special resins having ANSI/NSF61 Certification for potable water. Tanks are built to conform to CSA Standard B66 for underground tanks.



Canwest Tanks has a complete line of septic tanks - septic related tanks and accessories, made from high density linear polyethylene (HDPLE) and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) in sizes approved for single and multi-family homes, seasonal camps, work camps, RV parks, and industrial applications.


We can supply the tanks, distribution box, leaching chambers - etc. All you will need to complete your septic system, from the house to the field.


• Single compartment

• Dual compartments

• Septic tank and pump chamber in one tank

• Septic tank and siphon chamber in one tank

• Sewage aerated holding tank


We can install the pumps into the pump chamber, c/w float switches, and visual/audible alarm panel.

You provide the particulars of your project, and we will do the math.


The sewage aerated tank (SAT) is, as the name indicates, a holding tank for sewage. However, unlike a regular holding tank, this tank is being aerated through air diffusers installed in the tank and an air blower, usually outside the tank, provides the airflow into the tank. A control panel must be installed to indicate the levels as the tank is filled up, and a light to indicate that it is time to have the tank pumped out.


This panel also has a high level warning with audible and visual alarm. The reasons for aeration is that by infusing air (oxygen) into the liquid it lowers the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) which is the amount of oxygen required to break down the nutrients in the wastewater. The oxygen also prevents the sewage from going septic (decompose) and therefore no noxious gasses or odors are produced. Aeration, to a certain degree, keeps the sludge from settling.


We make our gravity flow water/oil separator tanks from fiberglass, a durable and non corrosive material that will not be affected by most chemicals

A water/oil separator tank is made with an internal baffle, creating two chambers. It retains the incoming oil and grease, bearing liquid in the first chamber, allowing the oil and grease to rise to the top of the tank, where it will be removed with intervals. The clean water will then flow through an opening at the bottom of the baffle into the second chamber and be discharged.

FRP Tank
Potable Water Tanks ( Vertical )
Vertical Insulated FRP Tank
Insulated Fire Water Tank
Vertical Insulated Water Tank
FRP Tank  Horizontal
FRP Tank Install
FRP Tank Horizontal
FRP Sewage Holding Tank
Above Ground Fire Water Tank
FRP Tank
Single Potable Water Tank
Insulated Fire Water Tank

Above and Below Ground models:


Fiberglass (FRP) tanks for above ground or burial application.   

The models listed are typical tank sizes, tanks can be made to any volume required.

5ft. Diameter Tanks 

6ft. Diameter Tanks 

7ft. Diameter Tanks 

8ft. Diameter Tanks 

10ft. Diameter Tanks