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Polyethylene Tanks Warranty

Limited Warranty for HDLPE Polyethylene Tanks

Manufactured by Canwest Tanks

Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd hereby warranties that high density linear polyethylene (HDLPE) tanks, manufactured at our plant, are made with new raw materials, having UV-resistant properties.

We further guarantee our tanks to be free of defects and that in case of failure due to either material or workmanship; we will repair or replace the tank at the discretion of Canwest Tanks.

This warranty is for a period of three (3) years, covering materials and workmanship.

This warranty is given under the assumption that all specifications and instructions issued by Canwest Tanks concerning such matters as, but not limited to:

  • Installation procedures of above ground and below ground applications
  • Excavation specifications
  • Preparation of bedding
  • Backfill materials are strictly observed

The warranty does not cover any damages that may occur during transport, off-loading, storage, installation into excavation, backfilling, installation in high ground water, extreme climatic conditions (unless insulated), or any subsequent unauthorized/unintended usage resulting in failure of equipment and/or expected requirement.

All equipment shipped must be visually inspected before off-loading and any indications of damage must be reported to Canwest Tanks within 24 hours.

In the event damage is evident or suspected, the tank shall not be installed/buried, until it has been assessed by Canwest Tanks’ personnel, or a representative appointed by Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd.

Any repair or other corrective action being undertaken to any of the components, without the expressed consent of Canwest Tanks may void warranty.

This limited warranty is issued by Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd to the original purchaser and is neither transferable to, nor enforceable by, any other person, corporation, or entity other than the original purchaser. This limited warranty and all implied warranties are limited in duration to three (3) years from the date of delivery

Accessories installed, including but not limited to air pump(s), UV light(s) and effluent pump(s), and in some cases fittings are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

For any questions or issues not covered in this text, please contact Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd.

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